CenterPoint Coaching and Consulting:
Partnering with you to engage in work that matters.

Individual Coaching helps you make a successful career transition or achieve more in your current career:

  • Identifying the career that fits your interests, passions and lifestyle
  • Developing an action plan to move from where you are to where you want to be
  • Gaining planning and time management skills to focus on priorities and achieve a reasonable work-life balance
  • Learning how to thrive in new situations and environments, and to work well in difficult situations

Benefits of coaching are:


  • Helps you to be clear on what you really want and what fits with your chosen lifestyle
  • Allows you to make more informed decisions regarding whether your current and future actions will move you toward your goals


  • Involves a committed partner (Steven) who will help keep you on track to achieve what you want
  • Enables you to reach a decision or goal faster than if you did on your own, saving the cost of missed opportunities


  • Provides the structure and tools to help break down seemingly large difficult tasks into manageable, achievable and actionable steps
  • Allows you to translate what is possible into actions you take on a consistent basis

The Coaching Process is both structured and flexible to achieve your goals while fitting tasks within your busy schedule. Coaching:

  • Takes place in person or over the phone. Steven works with clients throughout the United States.
  • Requires periodic check-ins on an as needed basis to keep you moving. During the process Steven is available via e-mail or telephone, which is helpful for busy professionals.
  • Includes assessments, reading, planning and weekly assignments to keep you focused.
  • Varies in total duration. How long we work together depends upon the goal, the timeframe you wish to achieve it, and the time and energy you are willing to devote to achieve your goal. Steven will provide an estimate for you.

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Click here to find out about my free sample session and initial consultation!

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